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At Total Life Changes (TLC) our purpose is to ‘provide products and a community that you’ll feel’ and in doing that we make every life we touch change for the better. Whether your goal is to better your health, promote a healthy lifestyle, earn extra income or just give yourself an overall sense of well-being, TLC is here to help you every step of the way. Below are a list of products. However, if you don’t see something you are looking for, the full product list can be found HERE!

Aprill’s Top 3

These are my ride-or-die top 3 products from Total Life Changes.  These are the 4 products I began using at 210 pounds.  I still use them religiously today. 

I started with Nutraburst, lemon CBD detox tea, and NRG.  Nutraburst I take to get my nutrients in. It’s a liquid multivitamin. Very high quality with a 98% absorption rate. I use it because hands-down we don’t eat a well-enough balanced diet to get the nutrients we need. In our current state, we see the importance of that. 

Lemon CBD tea: So I always used detox tea. I previously manufactured and sold my own a few years ago. It’s super-important in helping to detoxify your liver and balance the enzymes in your gut and rid of toxins. People don’t realize that our gut is our 2nd brain and 70-80% of our immune cells are in our gut. There are sooo many studies about how the health of our GI tract is HUGE in our overall health & well-being.  

Now, add in CBD. The thing is…CBD isn’t for x, Y, or z. You have no idea the different ways it will impact your body. It varies. It brings your body into homeostasis…so it’s what YOUR body needs. That’s why so many people are getting changes way above and beyond just weight loss – skin changes, weight, depression, seizures, anxiety, joint pain and many other things.

NRG: This is a thermogenic. The best way I can describe is to refer to phen-phen. Do you remember when people were taking those phen-phen pills to lose weight back in the day? Or buying hydroxycut or stuff like that? Well those are thermogenics. But, NRG is a healthy, natural version. Not only do you burn calories but it also has 5HTP which boosts serotonin, which elevates mood, energy, etc. I actually use NRG as my pre-workout now. At first I took it mid-day to boost my energy. Honestly though…I will continue to take it b/c I love knowing that it helps me burn calories just by taking it!!!! 💃🏾

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