3 Feminine Keys

for bold, visionary women ready to uplevel their mind, body, & spirit and step into their feminine power to create legendary lives in 2022

Saturday, December 18th at 11:30 am CST








 Are You Ready?

It’s time to uplevel like never before.  It’s time to unlock more confidence, conviction and passion to live the life you know you are worthy of. In this masterclass we will take a deep dive and make some powerful shifts to position you for massive power, purpose and impact in 2022:

  • Clarity – My signature approach to breaking through the chaos to get crystal clear on what you want to achieve in 2022
  • Conviction – Tap into your feminine power and passion to get fully convicted at the core level to create massive impact in 2022
  • Creation – Map it out.  Mind, Body and Spirit.  What are we achieving?  Create the blueprint for massive breakthrough. 


 What women will be saying after this experience

    “Aprill really opened me up to what is possible for my life, not just in 2022, but continuing that momentum forward in years to come. The clarity and breakthrough I received as we went through each exercise in a way that made me feel like it was a 1-on-1 coaching session. This is my level up season. I commit to thinking bigger, finding my feminine power and taking bolder steps to stop running from my dreams and embrace them.  Thank you for activating my power! I can’t wait for more!”

      About Aprill

      Aprill Edwards is a heart-centered behavioral health strategist, women’s performance coach, and teacher who specializes in helping women experience deep transformational change so they can overcome anything and become everything they desire to be.

      Aprill majors in helping women master their mindset, energy, and influence so they can speak up, step up, and unlock their next level of power, purpose, and impact.

      Some of Aprill’s professional accomplishments.

      • MBA, National-Louis University
      • ISSA Certified in Fitness Nutrition & Sports Nutrition
      • AFFA Cert. Group Fitness Instructor
      • Certified Life/Success Coach (Success Coach Institute)
      • ISSA Certified Transformation Coach (2021)
      • Cert. Project Mgr & Prog. Mgr 
      • AFAA Cert. Personal Trainer
      • Certified Diversity & Inclusion Specialist (eCornell)
      • Trauma-Trained
      • EFT trained


      "Before meeting Aprill I had absolutely NO confidence or self-worth. I never looked in a mirror, because I despised myself so much that I couldn’t bare to look at myself. I avoided leaving my house other than to go to work or if I was finally forced out by a friend or my fiancé. I refused to meet my fiancés family and friends other than his parents for at least 4 years. Aprill’s program has changed my life and I know that sounds so cliché, but it is the truth. Her positivity and strength is contagious. You can’t be around her and not want to become better inside and out. I walk with my head high now. Before I would look at the ground to avoid eye contact. She is helping me build confidence, self-worth, and she is helping me realize that I am deserving. Aprill is what makes her programs different!! She has been there, she has experienced the struggle. Aprill’s faith in my success, from day one has been pivotal. She has seen in me what I never knew was there.” "

      Alicia Rapps