The Evolution is here…

Or shall I say…….




I’m calling out all bold, visionary

 women who want to step into their feminine power and create legendary lives!


God created you to live an abundant, potent, purposeful life. We cannot afford for your light to be dimmed. You have something bigger to share with the world. It is time to make a sacred vow to live from your deep unwavering, unbreakable, and unapologetic power and make a huge, ripple effect on the world.

Your Ascension Begins



Feminine Intelligent Resilient and Embodied Women

who are ready to become LIT up and set her world on FIRE!!!


It’s time to LEAD and LEVERAGE your voice, your gifts, and your God-given, anointed power to create a beautiful impact on YOUR world. Whether your mission is global, at home, or in the workplace, you are ready to leave an indelible mark on the world.

This is a 1-year coaching program like you have NEVER seen before. High-touch. High impact. Intimate.  Sisterhood. Luxe experience.

A sacred sisterhood of successful women who refuse to settle and have decided to dream BIG! It’s time to experience speed and simplicity as you move into your next level. You are worthy of investing and receiving at high levels.  

 *1-on-1 coaching and support*

*Small community of powerful women ready to massively uplevel*

*Group masterminds*

*Hot seat sessions*

*Annual retreat*

In addition, you will receive access to all courses and workshops developed in The Purpose Academy, IYP3 coaching resources and tools, and high level activation to fully ignite your fire to create massive momentum. 

This is a wholistic (whole person) coaching experience that will shift your mind, body, and spirit and posture you for major impact. 

Who are the women in this sisterhood?

This program is perfect for coaches, professional women, business owners, and other women who are convicted, confident and passionate about answering their call to greatness.

These women know that they are worthy of investing and receiving at high levels and are absolutely, positively ready for elevation. They  have a whatever it takes attitude and are ready to put in the work in a supported sisterhood of successful women.  They know that their deep desires are possible and they refuse to settle for anything less than living a BIG, BOLD vivacious life!

This is a high-touch, high impact, intimate, luxe experience that will revolutionize your path forward. These women are ready to invest in high-level, life-changing, results.

This is NOT for women who are unwilling to invest in themselves, are lazy & unwilling to make time to do the work, are very quick to make excuses, and see themselves as victims.

Getting Started is Easy


Schedule a Discovery Call

Schedule a call with Aprill.  During this discovery call, you will both get a chance to talk through your needs and both you and Aprill can determine if you are a good fit to work together.

Get Signed Up

Get signed up and within 24 business hours, Aprill will have your training platform set up so you can begin the pre-work.

1st Session!

Get your first session scheduled and embrace the new, magical journey that is in front of you. 

About Aprill

Aprill Edwards is a heart-centered behavioral health strategist, women’s performance coach, and teacher who specializes in helping women experience deep transformational change so they can overcome anything and become everything they desire to be.

Aprill majors in helping women master their mindset, energy, and influence so they can speak up, step up, and unlock their next level of power, purpose, and impact.

Some of Aprill’s professional accomplishments.

  • MBA, National-Louis University
  • ISSA Certified in Fitness Nutrition & Sports Nutrition
  • AFFA Cert. Group Fitness Instructor
  • Certified Life/Success Coach (Success Coach Institute)
  • ISSA Certified Transformation Coach (2021)
  • Cert. Project Mgr & Program Mgr charged with taking large gov’t RFPs and building out businesses with SLAs, SOPs,  systems, workflows, and analytics reporting
  • AFAA Cert. Personal Trainer
  • Certified Diversity & Inclusion Specialist (eCornell)
  • Over 1,000 hours of mindset mastery training
  • Trauma-Trained
  • EFT trained

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your approach to coaching?

My coaching is done-with-you, not done for you.  This means that, although I will be a very intimate, engaged part of your process, you will ultimately do the real work that will make the change.  Here’s a great way to explain the process:  show, shadow, support, integrate, duplicate.

Show – Through our discovery process, I will show you what you need to do .  This can happen through the blueprint/program roadmap, modeling, teaching, explaining, etc.

Shadow – As you begin to do the work, I am there with you. I shadow you, from the sidelines, there to help guide, make adjustments, suggestions, etc.

Support – Having a dependable, trusting support system is critical. I am here to support, encourage, celebrate, empathize and keep you on task in your journey.

Integrate – Through the process, we begin to embody and integrate the changes. This is one of the most exciting, vital (but often overlooked) steps in coaching.

Duplicate – We rinse and repeat this process as we continue to follow the blueprint that we have designed together.

Is there a syllabus for your coaching program?

No. Much of the program is customized. The only structure is around the Phases of my IYP3 Coaching Framework. I take the same approach but customize the details based on a number of factors, such as your goals, needs assessments, amount of pre-work, progress through benchmarks, etc.

Why are your coaching programs only offered in  12-month buckets?

I work with women to get BIG transformations that are long-term and sustainable. You cannot put BIG transformation into small containers.  My process works. It’s broken into chunks that allow us to properly navigate, transform, and integrate to truly embody all of the new changes and vibrations that are happening.

This is about a LIFE transformation.  No quick fixes. No feel good stuff.  This is deep change that will lead you to a new, fresh, powerful way of living. We build it…brick by brick.