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The 15 Day My Health Matters Challenge

Total Life Change’s newest initiative, the My Health Matters Challenge, invites anyone and everyone to invest in their health with a FREE 15-day mind, body and spirit transformation. The first challenge was held in September and because of the mind-blowing results and community of support that people absolutely loved, the TLC community will continue to host challenges throughout the year.  

The power of 15 Days

What has made this challenge so powerful is breaking health into bite-sized, easy to manage chunks. Having people reframe to focus on their health 15 days at a time feels less overwhelming and much easier to do.  A brilliant way to bring people together to commit to their health–15 days at a time.

Next Challenge: Nov 22- Dec 6

Grab your kit. (Link below) Send me an email at aprill@iamaprilledwards.com or message me on Instagram (@iamaprilledwards). I will add you to the private Whatsapp group. (Details below)

Perfect way to keep yourself on track over the holidays!

Challenge Awards

8 winners will win $1250.  If you want to compete for the prize, you must take a before and after picture and post on Instagram daily throughout the challenge.  However, you can participate even if you don’t want to compete in the challenge. Many people do.  It’s totally up to you.

Transform with Me

I have made a commitment to continually transform my body and my health.  I’ve lost over 60 lbs and have consistently kept it off for 2 years…no slipping and sliding up and down the scale.  Consistency through commitment.

I want to help you

What are your health goals? Do you want to lose 5, 15, or even 50 lbs?  Do you want to get active again? Gain weight?  Perhaps you just want to feel better?  Joining the challenges can help support your journey–15 days at a time.

No matter the goal detoxing your body of toxins and mucus is a must, improving your energy and food intake is also a must. 

Here’s how I can help.

1. You will be added to my personal accountability WhatsApp group. 

2. Daily check-ins to motivate and support. 

3. Daily workout ideas to ensure you move your body at least 30 minutes 4-5 times per week, at minimum.

4. Q&A sessions

5. Meal idea sharing among the group.

How can you join?


Purchase one of the transformation kits—either the 15 or 30 day kit.  Send me a message via Instagram (@iamaprilledwards) or email me at aprill@iamaprilledwards.com.  Provide your name, purchase date and phone number. I will follow-up and add you to the WhatsApp group.

That’s it.  It’s just that simple!   

The kit is required to participate in the  challenge and to get access the FREE benefits. Each challenge includes prizes for the best transformation. Those prizes vary, based on the challenge.  New challenge details will always share the specific details. 

Previous Challenge Winners

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