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Since I was a child, I’ve always been a storyteller. From drama, to comedy, to mishaps, to stories of celebration…I’ve always had a way of articulating my message in a way that brings my listeners into the moment, feeling, embracing and experiencing the story as if they were there.

Many years later I decided to hone those skills when I was invited to some weird group called Toastmasters. I embraced that experience and became more ‘polished.’

But, at my heart I am and always have been a teacher, a leader, a storyteller. And I absolutely love sharing a purposed message with a group of eager listeners who are seeking something— some knowledge, a little inspiration, perhaps confirmation, or even understanding.

If you are looking to for a powerful, purposeful storyteller who can create a connection and leave value wherever she goes, then I’m pretty sure you’ve found your girl!

Some of my workshop topics…

  • From Dormant to Dynamic: Identifying & Developing Your Gifts
  • From Passion to Paycheck: Learn to make money from your passions
  • From Latent to Leading: Developing the Leader Within
  • She Lives Within: Combating Self-Esteem and Identity Issues
  • She's Such A Lady: Embracing the Power of Womanhood
  • What's Love Got To Do With It: Identifying, Understanding and Setting Boundaries for Love
  • A Purpose Driven Path: Living Life with Intention
  • Mastering Your Mindset
  • Sisters of the Same Struggles & Successes: Helping African-American see each other as sisters, breaking the spirit of compe’’on and me vs you and understand the power of celebration and collaboration)
  • Getting Back to Happy: Helping Women dream again and discover what it means for them to be happy and how to get to THAT place
  • From Superwoman to Super Powerful:  Redefining the stereotypical superwoman that leaves women bruised and baSered from neglec’ng themselves and taking care of others. Helping women re-priori’ze themselves to become super powerful in all areas of their lives.)

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