My Story

For most of my life I lived with a hurting heart. But, I didn’t know it.  Outwardly, I had so much to celebrate, so much to be grateful for, so many things to keep me pushing forward.  And so I lived, with a mask, that I didn’t even know was there.

It wasn’t until my late 30s that things began to surface.  It was the first time I tried therapy and learned that I was codependent.  However, as therapy seemed to want to go too deep, I stopped.  I really didn’t have time, nor did I see the need to talk about my childhood or bring up emotions that made me feel BAD.  So, I quit.


So I kept wearing the mask…

    The normal bumps and bruises of life continued to happen.  But, with all the underlying, repressed baggage that I carried, it began to take a toll on me.  I’m not sure if it got heavier or if I finally realized that I wanted to feel lighter.

    •  I didn’t want to have to try so hard anymore.
    • I didn’t want to continue to exist on a roller coaster of life.
    • I didn’t want to be emotionally reactive.
    • I didn’t want to be so hard and rigid.
    • I didn’t want to live my life with unhealed hurts, insecurities and believing that like just had to be “good enough.”

    Something in my gut kept telling me that there was more…to life, to love, to my journey.

    I wanted to be present. Experience. Be gentle. Soft. Vulnerable. I wanted to attract, not chase. I wanted more ease in my life. I wanted my aura and presence to command authority without me having to demand it. I wanted to trust. To believe. To love. To expect. To receive. With ease, grace and flow.

    Instead, my life had been the opposite – always doing, moving, forcing, chasing, demanding, working hard, being tough, suspicious, and controlling. And, my failure to resist healing was also a conscious decision to remain broken.


    Can you relate to this?

    Many of us have been raised to be strong even when at times, deep within us, we are overwhelmed, tired and broken. We believe that it is our duty to keep going. We believe that our existence is best served by pushing our feelings away to remain focused on what lies ahead. We claim this strength as a badge of honor.

    But, what we do not realize is that if you don’t heal what hurt you, you can bleed on others who didn’t cut you.

    Eventually, I realized that my internal weariness was showing up in my relationships, my health, how I controlled my children, my ability to pursue other dreams, and more. If I didn’t slow down and take a deeper look in the mirror, I would remain on the rollercoaster ride that I’d already been on for far too long. 

    I wanted to divorce the part of me that was showing up as the people-pleaser, the victim, the martyr, or the caregiver. I didn’t want to be angry, aggressive, emotionally volatile, or broken.


    Our wounds are the windows to the most beautiful, often hidden part of oursevles.  

    Healing my heart at the deepest level by doing beautiful, life-changing, deep work that re-introduced me to myself was the best decision I ever made.  I met the “Aprill” that got lost many, many years ago and never fully had a chance to emerge. She was lost in life – the trauma, the brokenness, the hurt, the rejection, abandonment, insecurities, the shame and the guilt. Avoiding doing the work all those years ago only prolonged the healing process that needed to take place.  I consciously chose to be a victim by delaying the work.

    And, I get it.  Many women avoid digging deep because it feels like more work. It feels heavy.  It feels like more than we want to take on in life.

    After all, life isn’t THAT bad, right?  Things will eventually work out, right?


    “You will never know how bound you are until you are set free.”

     You don’t know it until you know it. But, when you discover it, it’s the most beautiful, sacred experience in the world.

    Welcome to…


    The 180 Day Immersion to heal your  heart…


    Let’s release the toxic BS (belief systems) holding you back, make shift happen and step into a new era of love, peace and healing…with ease, grace and flow. Let’s transform the way you experience life by healing some of the hurts, habits and hang-ups that have kept you in bondage for many years.

    Yes, life has been good.  But sometimes, “good” just ain’t “good enough.”

    This is a mental transformation that will blow your mind. 

    In this 5-step, 6 month coaching program we do deep inner work. A lot of self-help practices today “do” lots of great things. They transition you into a deep level of self-love. But, that work, while it does penetrate beneath the surface, it doesn’t naturally flow within your cells to be fully embodied into your “being.” It doesn’t uncover and recover.  But together, we will. Step by step – in a safe and sacred space that allows you to remove the mask and create the full experience of life that you desire.

    Phase I: The Walk-Through

    Let’s take a peek at the woman within and find her hurts, habits and hang-ups, discover her deepest desires for her life so we can begin a beautiful journey of expressing the magnitude and magnificence of your total divine being–physically, mentally and spiritually.

    Phase II: The Deconstruction

    Flowing from Phase I, we identify the BS (belief systems) that have kept you from healing so we can work through the programming and underlying beliefs feeding those systems.

    Phase III: The Blueprint

    And now the beautiful magic of creation…In this phase, we begin to design the blueprint of what you truly desire for your life, setting baseline standards and creating a plan to bring it all to life.

    Phase IV: The Reconstruction

    Let’s build it…queen things!  Together we put the pieces together to bring your blueprint to life, taking the time and space to truly experience and celebrate the changes every step of the way.

    Phase V: The Move-In

    In this final intimate phase, we shift from we need to “DO” to who we need to “BE” to sustain the changes we have made.  What does it take to truly embody and integrate these changes?

    Who is this for?

    This is for women who are absolutely, positively ready for change and have a whatever it takes attitude.  They know that the change they want is possible and their desire to change supersedes their desire to stay the same.

    These women truly believe in the gifts and possibilities that lie dormant within them and refuse to settle for less than living their best life and commit to making the years ahead the best ever!

    This is for women who are ready to invest in high-level, life-changing, results-driven coaching that passes motivation and focuses on “movement”–> getting you to the next level in your life.  If you are ready, let’s chat.

    This is NOT for women who are unwilling to invest in themselves, are lazy & unwilling to make time to do the work, are very quick to make excuses, and see themselves as victims.

    This is a 5-step, 6-month program that brings you out of the smoke and into clarity with life-changing, mind-altering transitions that will change your life forever. If you fear living your best life, then this in absolutely NOT for you. This is for the woman who is ready to stop imagining their dream life and start living it.

    Getting Started is Easy


    Free 20 Min Chat

    Schedule a call with Aprill.  During this discovery call, you will both get a chance to talk through your needs and both you and Aprill can determine if you are a good fit to work together.

    Get Signed Up

    Get signed up and within 24 business hours, Aprill will have your training platform set up so you can begin the pre-work.

    1st Session!

    Get your first session scheduled and embrace the new, magical journey that is in front of you. 

    My Approach

    Hey gorgeous,

    Yes you! Let’s have a personal (yet, kinda public) conversation. I already know what led you here – at this moment and at this time.

    You, in many ways, are like me.

    You have been carrying a lot of baggage, accomplishing a lot of things, and supporting a lot of people. You’ve been the Savior, the champion, the martyr, the provider, the go-getter, the way maker, and the caretaker.


    "Before meeting Aprill I had absolutely NO confidence or self-worth. I never looked in a mirror, because I despised myself so much that I couldn’t bare to look at myself. I avoided leaving my house other than to go to work or if I was finally forced out by a friend or my fiancé. I refused to meet my fiancés family and friends other than his parents for at least 4 years. Aprill’s program has changed my life and I know that sounds so cliché, but it is the truth. Her positivity and strength is contagious. You can’t be around her and not want to become better inside and out. I walk with my head high now. Before I would look at the ground to avoid eye contact. She is helping me build confidence, self-worth, and she is helping me realize that I am deserving. Aprill is what makes her programs different!! She has been there, she has experienced the struggle. Aprill’s faith in my success, from day one has been pivotal. She has seen in me what I never knew was there.” "

    Alicia Rapps

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is your approach to coaching?

    My coaching is done-with-you, not done for you.  This means that, although I will be a very intimate, engaged part of your process, you will ultimately do the real work that will make the change.  Here’s a great way to explain the process:  show, shadow, support, integrate, duplicate.

    Show – Through our discovery process, I will show you what you need to do .  This can happen through the blueprint/program roadmap, modeling, teaching, explaining, etc.

    Shadow – As you begin to do the work, I am there with you. I shadow you, from the sidelines, there to help guide, make adjustments, suggestions, etc.

    Support – Having a dependable, trusting support system is critical. I am here to support, encourage, celebrate, empathize and keep you on task in your journey.


    Integrate – Through the process, we begin to embody and integrate the changes. This is one of the most exciting, vital (but often overlooked) steps in coaching.

    Duplicate – We rinse and repeat this process as we continue to follow the blueprint that we have designed together.


    Why are your coaching programs only offered in 6 and 12-month buckets?

    I work with women to get BIG transformations that are long-term and sustainable. You cannot put BIG transformation into small containers.  My process works. It’s broken into chunks that allow us to properly navigate, transform, and integrate to truly embody all of the new changes and vibrations that are happening.

    This is about a LIFE transformation.  No quick fixes. No feel good stuff.  This is deep change that will lead you to a new, fresh, powerful way of living. We build it…brick by brick.


    How is a behavioral health coach different from a therapist?

    Behavioral Health Coaching uses the principles of positive psychology, philosophy, motivational interviewing, and goal setting to assist clients in altering their actions, reactions, and behavioral patterns. (coachestrainingblog.com)

    The goal of behavioral health coaching is to help you get unstuck. It’s all about action and results. We measure our client’s success with key performance indicators (KPIs) and specific behavioral outcomes. We establish goals, provide accountability and celebrate our client’s wins.

    Therapy will focus on your thoughts and feelings and how they are informed by your past. Behavioral health coaching does focus on thoughts, feelings, and the past to help break through limiting beliefs and thought processes to help shape how we move forward towards the future. Our sessions are much more structured and focused on actionable strategies and visible growth.

    Another difference is that a behavioral therapy coach sets clients up with the processes and skills they need to eventually coach themselves. Coaching isn’t meant to be forever. Behavioral Health Coaches also do not diagnose the people they work with, while therapists determine illnesses and pathologies so their patients can be clinically treated.

    Is there a syllabus for your coaching program?

    No. Much of the program is customized. The only structure is around the Phases. I take the same approach but customize the details based on a number of factors, such as your goals, needs assessments, amount of pre-work, progress through benchmarks, etc.