Define Your Skinny®

Define Your Skinny

As I worked on launching my online training and fitness programs, it was my desire to be different from the masses. I didn’t want to just offer meal and exercise plans. I wanted to offer something that allowed me to go beyond dictating directions and make a deeper connection. I wanted to give tools that led to not only action, but also understanding. I desired to offer services that helped women not only change their bodies but also change their minds. Why? Because the battle goes way beyond the stomach. It begins and ends in the mind. I wanted to educate and share what I know and what I’ve experienced in my life.

However, I didn’t quite know how it would all come together. One day, as I was having a conversation with my god-sister, she asked me to explain my purpose and what I wanted to accomplish in my online training. In the midst of my explanaIon, I said I want women to be able to define their own skinny. After I said it, I stopped. I said…hmmmm—I really like that. Define your skinny. My god-sister looked at me and said, “Aprill, that’s it. That’s your program. That’s not just a program, that’s a movement.” And tada…Define Your Skinny™ was born.

You see, Define Your Skinny ™ is all about educating women about the different body types, understanding our physical make-up and embracing who God designed us to be. It’s about educating women on proper nutrition and giving them the tools to develop healthy eating habits. It’s about them being physically active—seXng goals and conquering them. It’s about developing the whole person to be their best. However, let’s be clear. Define Your Skinny ™ is not a program designed to validate obesity or unhealthy living.

It doesn’t legitimize the excuses that we often make about being overweight, unhealthy or low in energy. It’s not about blaming your struggles on your family history with obesity. It is not about believing that your slow metabolism is inherent. Instead, it is about women understanding that everyone is unique. We weren’t all designed to look the same. Every woman’s body/frame is not designed to be a size 2 or 12. We have different bone structures, which I will educate on later.

Understanding our bodies, we become free from the images that society and the media have bombarded us with for years. We can redefine the images that women see glorified on television, in magazines, and on billboards. In addition, it frees women to set realistic goals for themselves. Once we understand who we are and what works best for us, we become empowered to make bold changes that help us reach our full potential. YOU have the power to Define Your Skinny ™–not the magazines, or social media, or the masses but YOU. It’s time to free yourself and Define Your Skinny ™.

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