Hey gorgeous,

Yes you! Let’s have a personal (yet, kinda public) conversation. I already know what led you here – at this moment and at this time.

You, in many ways, are like me.

You have been accomplishing a lot of things, and supporting a lot of people. You’ve been the Savior, the champion, the martyr, the provider, the go-getter, the way maker, and the caretaker.

You are driven to overcommit.

Your life has been about achieving, producing, and making things happen – year after year. You have people depending on you. You have trained yourself to minimize some of your needs, to not rely on others, never stop going, and to get everything done. At all costs.

So you get up. You dress up. And you show up. You provide. You produce. You protect. You go. You get. And you repeat.

But now you are experiencing some regret and frustration for going, going, going, and not making space for yourself and some of your deep desires.

You have been super – mom, wife, girlfriend, friend, volunteer, or whatever other super – role you’ve taken on. Now you are ready to change things up a bit, but you don’t know where to start. Even though you are a BOSS in all the other areas of your life, you’re struggling, lack confidence, feel guilty, greedy, selfish, or other negative emotions that keep you second-guessing yourself.

Girlfriend, we are sisters of the same struggles! But guess what? Together, we become sisters of the same successes.

The Evolution is here…

Did you know?

God created you to live an abundant potent, purposeful life. Imagine experiencing joy holistically, flowing through every vein of your being, every area of your life – overflowing into your outer world with ease, peace, and from a place of alignment that resonates deep to your core.

We cannot afford for your life to be dimmed in any way. You have something bigger to share with the world. It is time to make a sacred vow to live from your deep unwavering, unbreakable, and unapologetic power.

BUT, not from DOING more but from BEING more.

Doesn’t that sound freeing? Imagine reaching your goals from a place of grace flow and ease instead of hustle, bustle, and burnout.

Imagine being lit up, energized, and excited to achieve more by learning how to lean into the untapped divine feminine power that rests within you.

This is not about self-love and self-care. This is about connecting to your potent feminine power, releasing the toxic BS (belief systems) keeping you stuck, and stepping into a multi-dimensional transformation to experience a deep, long-term, sustainable change in your life.

If you are feeling called to ditch the insanity of doing the same things and expecting different results, it’s time to explore coaching with me.

In my coaching programs, I use a five-pillar structure that always follows the same methodology (see below). In the midst of a spiritual fast when I was deep in my personal transformation, God whispered “brick by brick” to me. As time continued, I came to understand that he was letting me know that, in order for my change to last, I’d have to take my time and build it brick by brick. I use this same “construction” analogy in structuring my programs.

(In Matthew 7:24 – 27, Jesus states that those who hear his words and do them are wise builders. They have built their homes on the rock-solid foundation. The winds how, the rains come – even a flood comes – but the house stands firm.)

Workshops with Aprill Edwards

Phase I

The Walk-through

In this phase we focus on exploring, understanding, and seeking in order to begin mapping out the plans for what you want to accomplish over the next 6 months.

Workshops with Aprill

Phase II

The Deconstruction/Tear-down

Flowing from Phase I, we identify the BS that has kept you from having the things you truly desire in your life.

Master Your Mindset

Phase III

The Blueprint

Overflowing from Phases I and II, we begin to put shape to what you really desire–the blueprint.

Train With Aprill

Phase IV

The Reconstruction

In the building phase, we begin to put things into place to bring the blueprint to life and ensure that we stay on track and aligned with your core desires.

Phase V

The Move-In

In this final phase, we shift from what we need to “DO” to who we need to “BE.”  What does it take to embody and integrate these changes?

Who are the women that I work with?

I work with women who are absolutely, positively ready for change and have a whatever it takes attitude.  They know that the change they want is possible and their desire to change supersedes their desire to stay the same.

These women truly believe in the gifts and possibilities that lie dormant within them and refuse to settle for less than living their best life and commit to making the years ahead the best ever!

This is for women who are ready to invest in high-level, life-changing, results-driven coaching that passes motivation and focuses on “movement”–> getting you to the next level in your life.  If you are ready, let’s chat.

This is NOT for women who are unwilling to invest in themselves, are lazy & unwilling to make time to do the work, are very quick to make excuses, and see themselves as victims.

My coaching programs follow a 5-step 6-month structure that brings you out of the smoke and into clarity with life-changing, mind-altering transitions that will change your life forever. If you fear living your best life, then this in absolutely NOT for you. This is for the woman who is ready to stop imagining their dream life and start living it.

Getting Started is Easy


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Schedule a call with Aprill.  During this discovery call, you will both get a chance to talk through your needs and both you and Aprill can determine if you are a good fit to work together.

Get Signed Up

Get signed up and within 24 business hours, Aprill will have your training platform set up so you can begin the pre-work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your approach to coaching?

My coaching is done-with-you, not done for you.  This means that, although I will be a very intimate, engaged part of your process, you will ultimately do the real work that will make the change.  Here’s a great way to explain the process:  show, shadow, support, integrate, duplicate.

Show – Through our discovery process, I will show you what you need to do .  This can happen through the blueprint/program roadmap, modeling, teaching, explaining, etc.

Shadow – As you begin to do the work, I am there with you. I shadow you, from the sidelines, there to help guide, make adjustments, suggestions, etc.

Support – Having a dependable, trusting support system is critical. I am here to support, encourage, celebrate, empathize and keep you on task in your journey.

Integrate – Through the process, we begin to embody and integrate the changes. This is one of the most exciting, vital (but often overlooked) steps in coaching.

Duplicate – We rinse and repeat this process as we continue to follow the blueprint that we have designed together.


Is there a syllabus for your coaching program?

No. Much of the program is customized. The only structure is around the Phases. I take the same approach but customize the details based on a number of factors, such as your goals, needs assessments, amount of pre-work, progress through benchmarks, etc.

Why are your coaching programs only offered in 6 and 12-month buckets?

I work with women to get BIG transformations that are long-term and sustainable. You cannot put BIG transformation into small containers.  My process works. It’s broken into chunks that allow us to properly navigate, transform, and integrate to truly embody all of the new changes and vibrations that are happening.

This is about a LIFE transformation.  No quick fixes. No feel good stuff.  This is deep change that will lead you to a new, fresh, powerful way of living. We build it…brick by brick.