Aprill Edwards

Helping women OVERCOME so they can BECOME.

Be the mentor I never had

Aprill Edwards – “The Queen of Inner Work

Mindset, Success & Feminine Activation Coach to Bold Visionary Leaders & Women

I am a bridge. I am my testimony. I am God’s instrument for positive change impacting lives across the world. I am a pop powerful force who authentically shares and connects with women and girls globally to help them overcome and become. I empower women to live life on their terms, soulfully and powerfully aligned with the little girl at her core who desires to be loved, to be heard, to be seen in order to leave an indelible impact on this world. I am Aprill Dosarn Edwards.

Ha ha! Yes yes yes! Believe it or not, I repeat this affirmation every morning.  It’s my internal compass; my GPS to keep me focus. Professionally speaking, I have accumulated decades of knowledge through education, certifications, trainings, and professional work experience but what makes me most qualified to serve as that of a certified overcome or of the very issue/servant support other women with.

I had no clue the childhood trauma I experienced and the impact it had on my life. I thought I was I was just wired like this!! Through deep, deep, deep inner work, I learned that I endured multiple major traumas as a child:

  • Immediate family members in and out of correctional institutions return
  • Drug addiction
  • Mother died when I was 13
  • Emotionally unavailable dad (side note – he most definitely loved and adored his baby girl)

These experiences had a major impact on how the rest of my life unfolded. I was the people pleaser, caregiver, martyr, blank. I lived my life seeking love and attention with an ego that was determined to protect me at all costs. Eventually, the toxicity that was repressed for decades took a toll on me-depression, emotional eating disorders and other chaos plagued my life. In fact, chaos became my normal so much so that I was addicted to suffering.

But in all the madness, I managed to birth to children, who through some wondrous act of God, managed to become to amazing human beings, despite some of my challenging parental tendencies (bit of the narcissism and codependency). My daughter Dominique is a pharmacist and blows my mind in every way in watching the person she has become. My son, PJ, is equally gifted–fighting through adversity to pursue a childhood dream. He is currently a Division I basketball athlete at the University of Central Florida. He is brilliant, gifted, compassionate and respectful.

My Service comes from my suffering.


Back to me. I serve women as a coach and as a guide–leading them on the path to live a soulfully-aligned, powerful life that resonates with the person at their core. As a coach, I am not here to judge, criticize, or orchestrate.  I am not above my clients; I’ve just been there before and can show them the way. Together we do deep inner work.

A lot of self-help practices today do lots of great things. They transition you into a deeper level of self love. But the ego likes to keep the things the same. So while the typical self-love work, while it penetrates beneath the surface some, it doesn’t naturally flow within your cells to be fully embodied into your being. Ego work is a shifting consciousness. Consciousness is only shifted through repetitive flow through your awareness, experience, into your being.

I use a three-pronged practice that I have coined IYP3: Into your person, Into your power, Into your purpose. that will help you manifest more magic into your life than you could ever dream or imagine.

Some of Aprill’s professional accomplishments:

  • MBA, National-Louis University
  • ISSA Certified in Fitness Nutrition & Sports Nutrition
  • AFFA Cert. Group Fitness Instructor
  • Certified Life/Success Coach (Success Coach Institute)
  • ISSA Certified Transformation Coach (2021)
  • Cert. Project Mgr & Prog. Mgr, AT&T
  • AFAA Cert. Personal Trainer

I have served my community in numerous capacities and have had my service acknowledged with the following accolades:

  • Advancing Indy Women In Leadership Program
  • Springfield Business Journal’s 40 Under Forty
  • Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership graduate
  • Big Brother Big Sister of Central Illinois mentor
  • Noontime Toastmasters Club, president
  • District 186 Youth Leadership Saturday Academies, organizer/leader

In all, the accomplishment I am most proud of and that deems me highly qualified to serve others is that I am a CERTIFIED OVERCOMER of the very issues that I serve and supports others in. I am in love with life. I believe in the possibilities. I am backed by God. And, I am ready. Stick around and explore my page…and let’s connect soon.

I am grateful and thankful for my journey.  And I am even more grateful to use my platform to serve and support other women and girls.  Both Because She Matters and Define Your Skinny® are two programs that I was divinely inspired to create. I am confident that they will both help many women and girls conquer the world, one action and one step at a time. 

Yes, that’s my life.

I recall being ashamed to share my testimony—until I realized sharing it is not for me—it’s for us…women who need to be restored in some area of their life.

Isaiah 61:3 says “He will bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” Praise God.