Explore a few of our workshop topics. Every workshop can be customized for your group. In addition, we develop a curriculum for topics not listed as requested.

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Understanding and Setting Boundaries for Love​

She Lives Within

Combating Self-Esteem and Identity Issues

Sisters of the Same Struggles

Helping women see each other as sisters, breaking the spirit of me vs you to understand the power of celebration and collaboration

From Superwoman to Super Powerful

Redefining the stereotypical superwoman that leaves women bruised and battered from neglecting themselves and taking care of others. Helping women re-prioritize themselves to become super powerful in all areas of their lives.

Getting Back To Happy

Helping Women dream again and discover what it means for them to be happy and how to get to THAT place.

A Purpose Driven Life

Using our IYP2 model to identify your purpose, develop the gifts and strategies to cultivate it and create a roadmap to walk into purpose with passion and power

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