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Freedom Beyond The Scale

Busy mom? Professional goal-getting woman? Are you so busy being GREAT that you’ve let your self-care take a back seat?

I support busy moms and professional women to help them find freedom beyond the scale and get the true resolve required to not only lose weight & keep it off, but to also attain the breakthrough they need in other areas of their life that have indirectly fed into their obesity issues.

Many women are chasing surface-level solutions instead of truly digging deep to uncover the real obstacles that are standing in the way of them losing weight and living a healthy, happy, whole life from a wholistic or whole person perspective. I help them bring their mindset, their lifestyle, their health and their actions into alignment so they can live the amazing life that they envision for themselves.

Some areas we focus on along the way: vision mapping, goal setting, streamlining work/life for more productivity, establishing clear boundaries, adding systems to your workflows, work-life balance, building unstoppable confidence, trampling the fear, self-care and more.   

Goal Setting

Ready to achieve massive breakthrough and catapult on a life-changing journey that will have you lit up and ready to blaze the trails to the life that you truly desire? 

Perhaps there are still so many great things that you want to accomplish in life. You know that there is a greater purpose for you, and you don’t/can’t/won’t go through this life without figuring out what it is and how to fully walk in it.  

This is for women who are ready to invest in high-level, life-changing, results-driven coaching that surpasses motivation and focuses on “movement”–getting you to the next level in your life.

This is an intensive coaching program that will help you get the blueprint to your breakthrough to start living your life passionately and purposefully.

Some areas we focus on along the way: vision mapping, goal setting, streamlining work/life for more productivity, adding systems to your workflows, establishing clear boundaries, work-life balance, building unstoppable confidence, trampling the fear, self-care and more. 

Heal. Ascend. Grow.

Guess what?!  It’s never too late to reinvent yourself.  I can help! What are your strengths? What are your passions? What are your gaps? What are the steps to take you from where you are today to the next career goal that you have? What’s stopping you from taking action?  Together we dig deep – clear out the clutter, chaos and confusion and make space for you to achieve your next level.

My Approach

Are you feeling uncertainty in areas of your life?  Are you ready for your next level but have struggled to take action? Or are you unclear of what that means for you?  Do you feel challenged to find your confidence to go after what you really want?  Do you struggle with doubting yourself–feeling guilt or shame?

I get it.  Been there. Done that.

But it’s time for the NEW-NEW!  Let’s overcome and BECOME.

Black Women Who Blog, Aprill Edwards

You need some support. And direction.  And a game-changing plan.  I got you boo!  Without a solid energetic foundation and focused strategy in your life and business, you’ll keep drowning in uncertainty, desperately reaching for anything that floats your way — should I try this?  Or that?  Maybe this will work.

Now is the time.  Today is the day.  It’s time make a life-changing shift. God created you to be a powerful force who leaves an impact on her world.  How can you do that without stepping into your divine power. – shedding fear, overcoming your struggles and become everything that you have ever dreamed of.

You deserve this.  The shift.  To something beautiful.  Life-changing.  Next level. In all areas of your life.  No more experiencing joy in this area but struggling with X, Y, and Z. You get to experience joy wholistically, flowing through every vein of your being, in every area of your life, and overflowing into your outer world.  We cannot afford to allow your light to be dimmed.  You have something bigger to share with the world.

But you can’t do it without stepping up. And stepping out.  With the right support system.


It’s time to evolve. 

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