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Sisters of the same Successes

Because She Matters provides resources and tools to the busy supermoms and superwomen of the world to help them ditch their superwoman cape and reprioritize themselves to get healthy, happy, healed and whole--without having to sacrifice or neglect the other important people and things in their life.

For far too long, many of us women have operated under the superwoman syndrome— we take care of everyone and everything else first. We wear many different hats (roles)—we’re the mom, wife/girlfriend, employee, business owner, volunteer, the confidante…doing and giving. Before long, we look in the mirror and our cape is tattered and torn and we don’t look or feel much like superwoman.

Perhaps we are overweight, unhealthy, stressed out, depressed, carrying emotional baggage—just to name a few. And often, no one knows. We show up. We work. We serve. We execute. And we do it well. But, when it comes to keeping that same energy for ourselves, its lackluster. We can champion everything and everybody else. But, when it comes to taking initiative to do some of those same things for ourselves we are...

  • Tired
  • Frustrated
  • Suffering from mommy guilt
  • Stressed out
  • Overwhelmed
  • ...So many different things

And why are we this way?

Society. Society created the Superwoman Syndrome.

The Superwoman Syndrome tricked us into believing that every day we should wake up, put on our capes, and go save the world. We should be super-wife, super-mom, super-friend, super-boss, and “super” in any of the other hats/roles that we took on.

And I (just like many others) did it. I got up every day and gave everyone the best that I had. I’d wake up, cook breakfast, deliver kids, excel at work, volunteer in my community, go to church, and be there for others. I received accolades and recognition for all of my “super” work. I wore my cape like a badge of honor. It was great…until it wasn’t great anymore.​

Aprill Edwards

You see, I was so busy giving, giving, giving to everyone else that I failed to prioritize and give to myself. And my failure to properly replenish me left me depleted. I felt low energy, run down, overweight, and frustrated. At one point, I was even on medication for depression. The image/person that I saw in the mirror didn’t look or feel much like Superwoman. I had been bamboozled.

Superwoman was not my friend.

Superwoman was setting me up to live life according to everyone else’s needs and not my own. Superwoman was setting me up to be fat, frustrated, depleted, and vulnerableto end up bitter and remorseful after realizing that I spent so many years taking care of everyone else that I neglected to truly take care of myself.

So, I said no more superwoman. And what exactly does that mean?

​Now I put myself first. I invest in myself—mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally FIRST. I set boundaries with others. I take care of my mind; my body; my spirit. FIRST. Undeniably.

And everyone benefits. I have so much more to give because there is so much more of me to give. I’m not depleted. I’m not drained. I’m not tired. I’m not irritable. I’m not frustrated. I’m fulfilled. And now I can fulfill others. And now, through Because She Matters, I have the privilege of helping other ambitious, goal-getting women and girls lose the physical, mental, and emotional weight so they can position for more purpose, power and prosperity.

Your health and wellness are the cornerstone to living your best, most bold, most intentional life.

Imagine it...having everything you desire in ALL areas of your life. That's how Because She Matters supports women just like you.

Along this journey, we create a climate of excitement, passion, vision and focus--all key elements in attaining your goals. Many of our core programs utilize our IYP² Training Model: Into Your Power, Into Your Purpose. These fundamentals help women and girls recognize their power to achieve anything, while also discovering purpose in finding passion and excitement in life.

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