Let’s Make Shift Happen


Helping women make BOLD, VIBRANT shifts so they can stand in their unmovable, unshakeable power and make a huge ripple effect on this world.  

“You will never know how bound you are until you are set free.”

A shift is happening. You may not have experienced it yet, but it is happening. 

Women are TIRED.  Tired of the status quo.  Doing, doing, doing. Giving, giving, giving. Achieving, achieving, achieving. 

Tired of doing, giving, and achieving in a way that leaves us worn out, hardened, tired, over-worked, over-giving, frustrated, unhealthy, and self-sacrificing.  Society and its patriarchal system programmed us to operate from a paradigm that has kept us diminished, while packaging it up with a pretty little bow and calling it “superwoman.” Albeit a  paradoxical version of Superwoman.

We. Are. Tired.

A shift is happening – a paradigm shift.  The feminine is rising. It’s time for us to awaken and own the true essence of who God designed us to be. It is time for us to make a huge ripple effect on the world from a place of grace, flow, and ease.

Meet  The Founder,

Aprill Edwards

Aprill Edwards is a heart-centered Mindset, Success, & Feminine Activation Coach to women, specializing in helping women experience deep transformational change so they can overcome anything and become everything they desire to be.

Aprill majors in helping women master their mindset, energy, and influence so they can speak up, step up, and unlock their next level of power, purpose and impact.

Our biggest challenge to experiencing the life we truly desire is our resistance to going within. In order to align with our true, divine, sacred, powerful, feminine self, we must be willing to experience the internal embodiment and full expression of who we are at our core. That requires eliminating some of the toxic BS (belief systems) that have become engrained in how we think, live, and experience life today.

There are many women who have a powerful, sacred calling on their lives and are aching to give full birth to their power within. Aprill is fully committed to helping these women experience a heart-centered transformation through her intimate, powerful, intentional healing support to guide them on their journey.

Aprill uses her personal framework that she coined “IYP3”: Into Your Person, Into Your Power, Into Your Purpose.

Can Overcome Anything.

Can Become Everything.

Win by Going Within.

Can Do This Together.

Mission Focused

We believe that every woman has the power to overcome anything and become everything.  We can overcome anything that keeps us in bondage from living at our best and we can become everything our heart desires.

We can truly be, do, or have anything we can think, dream or imagine. The ability to create that life is not found outside of us, but by tapping within ourselves.

We help women identify and overcome the obstacles in their life holding them back from living their most fulfilled life—a life that is soulfully aligned, full of purpose, power and prosperity. We help break generational curses, broken mindsets, and learned patterns and behaviors that keep women playing small in some areas of life instead of fully launching into a life that they may only dream about today.

The 5 Dimensions

We consider the 5 dimensions of health & wellness when we analyze life: physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual. We focus on helping women get beyond the layers of life & the roles that they take on: mom, daughter, wife, employee, friend, student, volunteer, etc.–and remain connected to who they are at their core.

Or perhaps they need to (re)discover who they are—beyond society’s expectation and the hats (roles) that they wear. We help them powerfully align with hopes, dreams and purpose to position them to live a life with a legacy that never expires.

We are committed to helping women realize they CAN have it all.  But, we must do the work—the discovery, the discipline, the understanding, the consistency, the process. Then, we allow the magic to happen.  

We use tools and strategies related to self-discovery, self-esteem, self-help, self-empowerment, and self-love to shed the layers inhibiting women from living their most powerful, most purposeful life. 




our core values

Every woman and girl should have the ability to live life in purpose, on purpose and with purpose.

Spiritual, physical and mental health & well-being are vital to living a richly fulfilling life.

Every woman has a right to live in a diverse and inclusive world where they have every opportunity to achieve their wildest dreams without limitations related to gender or color.

We are all sisters of the same struggles. Together we become sisters of the same successes.

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